It sees and is the point.

I'm sorry, it is English only.

March 30, 2004 MISAKI
" That It is ".
"Hello, it is a long time."
"3 Is it the first time in a week? Is your elder sister fine? "
" -- Although it is bad, whom are you? I am although you are not known --."
" I am HIKARI. Miss. TUSBASA -- what is the matter? Aren't glasses attached today, either?"
"-- it is such a thing -- it is -- you are doing mistaken identity -- "
"-- what?."
" an elder sister. Exactly good Miss. TSUBASA --"
"? which I did to -- yes in how"
" -- It obtains and is ?."
" --"
? in which Miss. two TSUBASAs are"
"Therefore, it is different."

" -- It is the first meeting as yes and is the bottom.

""No, they are twins. ""
"oh, harmony"
"Whenever it said so, when my HIKARI came, possibly it was not."
" is also really similar -- it cannot distinguish -- "
" -- It obtains and is -."
"ponytail is also a set and it is sushi."
"As for it, MISAKI is carrying out my imitation."
"I think having not carried out in your imitation etc., and that I should just change there if disagreeable. "
"I like this!"
"It is that's right ! also in me."
It is "stopping a quarrel."
"TSUBASA is imitating primarily!"
"-- what is said -- it is -- I was making it ponytail previously -- "
"Different I am the point."
"No, I was the point."
"The wings' wording is --?."
"-- if it becomes hmm., MISAKI, and a quarrel -- oh, it becomes -- "
"Is it OK even if it does not stop?"
"OK. Even so, relations are good."
"It is whether that is right and --?."
"Such a thing cannot be found, if it sees from me, although it said that HIKARI was not attached a division exception at all."
" Yes. They are only neither wording nor glasses. "
"Although it cares about both of it and glasses and mind are used, even if such a thing does not carry out, two persons are different, respectively."
"That will be right if the elder sister says so."
"At least leaf green differs from fire red. "
" You wait. Do you treat us as Pokemon!? "
" -- which is not understood too -- "